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Sell used cars at the end of the capital out of stock
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Into December in Beijing since the overall volume of used vehicles drastic rise, especially since the middle of entering into the daily trading volume up 30% year over year, creating a continuous record transaction records, transfer of more than 2,000 units on Monday to become high, panic buying has become the biggest features of the end of 2010, in the end of the year trading range of second-hand cars in Beijing and even higher than the new car used car price phenomenon. According to the statistics Huaxiang used-car market, the second week of December for three days, the market volume of more than 3,000 dealers overall inventory decreased by 20%, the user focus on the purchase is very obvious. ● 5 million or less second-hand car appeared out of stock Nissan Used Car Center Beijing Yang Rongbin manager said that the recent purchase of 5 million or less in Beijing customers are very much concentrated in the Alto, Charade, antelope, QQ, the old Jetta, Beverly these models, extensive inventory of the center itself, overall market share of more such vehicles in inventory daily to nearly 100, but less than 30 recent and difficult to replenish stocks, a number of years past, condition such a good entry point to the model to hand, even do not meet with customers, sales agents were robbed of the powerful book. Resulting market recently Charade, Alto prices have skyrocketed, in short supply, some dealers even as the official car in my possession, not sale of these vehicles. ● van sales generally undulating surface micro- Cars for the hot, relatively large volume of micro surface, although the medium-sized vans and other vehicles increased, but not increase, dealers, Mr Suen said, these vehicles are more groups now buy, especially at the end facet multi-user, but due to second-hand car prices high, so many users turn to buy a new car, thus reducing the purchase of such vehicles, rising prices inhibited, after all, little difference. Gold, Refine these vehicles is currently pretty good, stable supply and demand, prices rose slightly. ● 5-10 million users by the new car used car compression to 8-15 million in the recent market price, new car prices generally rose, and supply difficulties, especially the public, and other models, the changes caused by car users. Ms. Lee said that consumers, originally planned to buy a new Bora, offers 1 million six months ago, and now offers not only did not have to add more than 5,000 decorative, have to wait a month, she was worried that the license restrictions so to buy a car to use as soon as possible, in rolled his used-car market, saw a number of prospective new car felt good, such as the Civic, Corolla, 307 and so on, so decided to buy second-hand cars. Large number of such users, they said the recent shortage of family cars new car prices high, such as the new Jetta, Corolla, Excelle and other new car prices, worry out of stock causing the user had to buy a car, you can purchase second-hand car direct transfer of the road, so more convenient. ● 10-15 million increase in prices of select models Currently these vehicles are more choices, the old models such as the 7th generation Accord, Audi A6, BMW 3 Series, etc. 3 years or 5 years are more concentrated models, especially at the higher market share, Accord, Regal , Passat and so the overall performance of the market although there are some upward trend, but the quantity, optional room for large, price is inhibited, the user preference is not. ● 15-30 million vehicle prices rose slightly Causes panic due to the purchase, many customers buy vehicles ahead of schedule, so the larger the space the original models offer reduced benefits, or even the price, such as the Toyota Highlander, Crown, Honda Accord, and some models of a time in short supply there out of stock, used car sales so good, such as cutting-edge blog, Magotan and so on. ● 30-50 million new cars used cars with the rising shortage of supply At present, these vehicles are more new models, such as the SUV class, Mercedes-Benz GLK, Audi Q5, Audi car A6L, the new BMW 5 Series, etc., generally of such high-end used cars less, the difference is not, the new car not on the type of supply, resulting in slightly higher prices, supply shortage, but now the space adequate supply of small sports car, the price is relatively cheap, such as the Mercedes-Benz SLK, BMW Z4, Audi TT, Porsche Boxster and so on. For end users want to personalize some of the young, such a good time models. Dealers generally began to let, as the stock longer. ● 50 million or more, most of the price model Good overall sales boosted sales of high-end models, dealers reflect the trading volume increased significantly, Albert, general manager of Beijing Hongbin hole 50-100 million soldiers, said the recent sale of a good SUV, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz ML, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne sales up 20% over the same period the previous month, transaction prices have declined slightly, but overall profit can accept, the only requirement is that many users do not supply the new models, such as the new 5.0 T, Land Rover Range Rover, the new Porsche Cayenne and so on. Top-end cars, Beijing Beijing Union, said manager Zhang Yao, the current market Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maybach and other models are complete, adequate supply, supply and demand is relatively stable, due to inadequate supply of new cars, used cars relative sales price subject to change, but can be greater room for bargaining.
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