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Brand used-car section of Chengdu the opening of services and a new car is no
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Used car dealers are the major brand brand used-car section of Chengdu, the first news of upcoming, have said they would actively participating, at present, the reporter was informed, have been identified will participate in the recommended product brands include Audi used car, used cars Mercedes-Benz Star Core, DF Peugeot Lion Used Car Cheng, Shen Rong Shanghai Volkswagen used cars, etc., in addition to BMW, Fiat dealers have also joined the meeting to determine the brand used-car section. Brought together high-end brands such as this, used cars crowding together of the show, the first time in Chengdu. Some car dealers in the excitement I also told reporters that it would spend part of the ultra-cheap, limited buying used cars and special vehicles of resources and places for this special brand of used car section. Services and a new car is no different In fact, the high-end brand used-car business is very wide. Products recommended by Audi used car, for example, the scope of its business, including the used car inspection except assessment, acquisition, replacement, certification, sales and other second-hand car trading in a range of processes, the same time as well as insurance services, insurance services extended repair, replacement bus service, 24-hour roadside assistance services. After-sales service and guarantee the quality and the car almost no difference. Recommended the purchase of goods through the Audi Certified Used car, consumers can learn more about the vehicle in addition to the state of technology, but also personally test drive, and effectively understand the real situation of all vehicles. It is worth mentioning that, even though they have decided to buy, they still have the right car for two days returned. This car is inconceivable, on the other hand high-end brands also proved self-confidence and strength of second-hand cars.
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