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Hot part of the high-end second-hand car market used cars than new cars more e
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Every year, all second-hand car market transactions wang. Despite the recent car purchase tax concessions may be canceled, car to the countryside has been to several rumors term impact, but by new car prices, car is difficult to mention the impact of human factors such as second-hand car market is beginning to liven up. "Now there are seventy to eighty cars a day to transfer here, much better than the previous few months." Qingdao land and sea second-hand car market, Du Xueli manager said since entering November, the market for at least 15% higher sales. Consumer Price lower than a year old year, the Lord began to frequent change "I saw the car drop a little big, so in time for the first step to buying a new car sold." Nanjing Road, the public, Ms. Chang, a company work, four years ago, for the convenience of travel, she and her husband spent over 70,000 yuan purchased a white wind Beverly. Late last year, has opened eyes looking at the car shape than 3 years other cars on the road a little bit of soil, often sold on the initiation of Ms. scrappage idea. "Chongqing South Road, dealers gave me a price estimate was 4.7 million, and I feel a little low, think again and so on, but also no hurry to hand." But the year is over, and the difference between the last assessment in less than two months, Ms. Chang to go when the head is not found, "I also expect prices to have a good point on it, look and fell three thousand? a promotion is not new cars, used cars sell no money ah. "Ms. Chang had dragged on so, over half a year or so to go in, her car has dropped to 40,000, and scared she had to sell quickly, for a new one. "The same thing many of the same model, about the same age and mileage used cars per year decreased from 3000 to 5000." Furi Qingdao Dongfeng Honda shop manager is responsible for second-hand car business Zhang told reporters that nearly two-year the market significantly faster than the car lot, the same, those who have 4 to 6 years of the car, also began to frequent for the Lord. "Basically, the same model every year, prices of new cars, used cars are no exception." Zhang describes, used car depreciation is also inseparable from the competition between brands. Market November sales of used cars late has improved significantly "In late into November, that is, recently, used car sales have increased significantly. Recent rumors vehicle incentives to expire, the new car used car no longer marketable strength, I do not agree with this statement." Qingdao as of other g Group Manager Li Hongtao Cheng new used car, told reporters in the interview, in fact, as in previous years, from the beginning to the end of November is the peak sales of used cars. "We have sold this month, more than 50, be more than in September, with the October fair." Li Hongtao analysis, a short season and used car new car is the same, or even a number to Wang. Vehicles is not disposable products, used to lose, most people buy first sell the old new. He told reporters that a new car in the first year of the depreciation rate can reach 20% after 4 years to reach 40% depreciation rate, and now specializes in buying one just opened a two-time new car. "They quickly replacement cycle, equivalent to always be a new car." "This November we sold about 20 vehicles, an increase over the previous few months." Qingdao Di Shengyuan 4S point used car department heads on behalf of the manager, said he recently received a lot of customers, are the original people want to buy CC, golf 6 car brands such as consumers, because the car is difficult to mention the end, the erosion of preferences and other reasons, the final selection of the second-hand car, and this number is increasing. "Now there are seventy to eighty cars a day to transfer here, much better than the previous few months." During the interview, land and sea, Qingdao Du Xueli second-hand car market manager said, according to his rough statistics, the overall sales than November 10 15% higher in January, the market where he just a month trading volume on the 2000 problem. Status Selling high-end used cars more expensive than a new car Qingdao Dongfeng Honda Furi store manager, said Zhang, from the industry perspective, they are used to distinguish between emission vehicles, larger displacement, usually the higher the price of cars, luxury cars provide car hard, or even forced Some cars more expensive used cars than new cars. "A few days ago I met a client who's an Audi Q5 is 41 million or so to buy, saying it was opened six months, actually the price by nearly 45 million shot." He smiled and told reporters, because now Q5 could not find the current car, so there are such a strange phenomenon. "And the way the public view, used car prices are very firm, bought more than 230,000 new cars, used cars has been able to sell 215,000 this price." What is more, not to mention cars as the Porsche Cayenne , appeared on the market to increase 30 million in cash withdrawals rumors car, used car prices of natural increase. " Used car collection car hard there, but almost every year. "Some people say that for the used car market, the difficult problem of collection vehicles, the Buick Group as of the new used car manager Li Hongtao Cheng believes that the phenomenon of collection vehicles is difficult mainly because of lower prices at the end part of the new car promotions, such as a current original 80000 new car, the same model used cars to sell 5 million, if the manufacturer by the end of the promotion is a million, then have no choice but to sell used cars 40 000, so that people who had wanted to sell cars produced psychological hesitation. "thought about again and so on, In fact, their own disadvantage. "Li Hongtao said with a smile, this part of the owners ignored the delay selling cars a big problem that is over a 12 month period the car is also long-year-old, originally in December is still two and a half before the second-hand car, In a flash, become old, certainly decline in value. " Interview, how to select models, Dongfeng Honda Qingdao Furi shop for used car business manager Zhang told reporters, Jetta, Citroen, Santana three generations of the three models most of the old level of 10 million or less cars, at that price, they are still less depreciation leader in high-end SUV models, the Honda CRV in used car prices trading losses relatively small, B-class car in the Honda Accord is a good choice, even bought a used car, opened two years still to sell a good price. Buick Group as of Qingdao, a new used car manager for Prudential, said Li Hongtao, from recent sales of view, Hyundai Elantra, Buick Excelle, Mazda Familia which is also the leader in three cars, "it was old three samples, but there are three kind of new, selling pretty good. "
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