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Hohhot number of used-car market: according to national standards against vicio
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Recently, a number of formal Hohhot second-hand car market reached a consensus: to resist the vicious competition, the same charge in accordance with national standards. It is understood that due to the current used car market is chaotic in Hohhot, in order to compete tourists, some even without trading market will drive down transaction costs, leading to vicious competition. In order to seize the source to seek benefits in some illegal Kai even scrapped cars, modified cars to used cars as a face-lift into the market. Vicious competition resulted in substantial revenue loss directly, while affecting the used car market some regular normal operation. It is understood that, recently, the Hohhot City traffic police detachment Vehicle Administration has set up a special machine in all the relevant exchange, as long as the vehicle type, displacement, vehicle year of relevant information into the computer, the computer will be displayed directly Transaction amount, to provide protection against cut-throat competition. Vehicle Exchange in Inner Mongolia told reporters that the responsible person, to ensure that second-hand car market in good order, second-hand car market than the formal head of state decided in accordance with the provisions of the standard second-hand car trading costs to charges To do this to prevent the loss of national revenue and to avoid jeopardizing the interests of the buyer in the transaction.
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