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Fuzhou a man used car license plate before the plate after the holiday really su
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Yesterday noon, as the park police station of Fuzhou to long blessing on the road patrol, and suddenly, saw a car in the street illegal parking. Have a look, the car license plate does not fly, so the police for their ticket.

At this time, Chen quickly get off sitting in the car, the license plate from the trunk out to explain that the probe for fear of being shot, so removed, and are not illegal before, hoping spared.

Police looked at the license, I feel very uncomfortable, and then get the front of a comparison, found it was a fake card. "This fake licenses are uneven word spacing, word spacing of a regular license plate is 1.2 cm, each deck the distance between the letters and numbers are not the same, obviously fake card." Police told the owners.

Chen once silly, he told police, the car is just transfer, and have to apply for a new license, we can immediately picking up. This plate is the man to sell his car get the. Chen, a call to know, the original transfer of the former owners near the plate after missing time, in order to save trouble, simply do the side of the fake card, installed in the vehicle rear, the result has forgotten to tell Chen.

Chen was sentenced to the current 1,500 yuan fine, deduction of 12 points deduction of 15 days of punishment.
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