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Fuzhou "limited power limit friction" 4S store sales rise of economic models
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    Recently Fuzhou "limited power limit friction" to carry out a sensation, making a lot of electric motorcycle owners to change travel

mode, choose to buy economy cars travel, which makes an exception popular recent economic models. Recently, a reporter from the Fuzhou car

City learned that the April 6 million or less in the economic model sales rise, while the price of 1 to 3 million of second-hand car trading

volume has risen.

The industry said, "limited power limit friction," the economic model sales rise, but the car is facing, after all, the cost of keeping a

car, parking is difficult and so on, also limit the consumption of some people, so the short term, electric motorcycle users to switch to buy

The number of cars is limited.

4S store sales increase of economic models

"This month sales rise significantly," Charade Fuzhou North Fourth Department of Forest Management 4S store sales, told reporters this month

to look at the car shop customers increased significantly, sales were up two percent or so.

Fuzhou, a "limited power limit friction", some old riding a motorized traveling public to change the travel, many car owners choose to buy

passenger travel, low prices and economic models, by the public of all ages.

"Means of three to five million yuan to buy a car, many people more able to bear," said Forest Management, to the shop to see the car, there

are two customers, one is clearly to buy a car means of transport, one is to look at, according to " Limited electricity "rectification,

Decide buying a car, in a wait state.

The reporter learned from a number of economic models 4S stores in Fuzhou learned in April popular low-priced cars. Changan Suzuki Automobile

Sales & Service Station Cloud Forest Management Ltd., said this month the store is mainly selling Alto and the value of 59800

The Swift Premium, "In the past these two cars only exhibition sales into about three, and this month as sales increased to five or six."

Recent selling low-priced used cars

Reporter learned from the used-car market, previously left out of the low-priced car, Recently it is also easy to sell.

Real second-hand car dealers Zhengjing Li Ziyang, told reporters the letter, although a few months Fuzhou tepid second-hand car market, but

low-priced cars are selling well, "1 million to 3 million transactions a lot of models."

Zhengjing Li said that last year, the second-hand car market selling price of 10 million mainly within the 6 million more than 8 million used

cars, and this month by the "friction power rationing limited" impact, some people buy low generation of second-hand car prices

Step, making the volume up low-priced used cars.

However, industry analysis, with the advent of summer, low-priced second-hand car trading volume or affected. According to reports, the

summer temperatures rise, many low-cost air-conditioning and other vehicle component failure rate will increase, which will

Transactions of low-priced cars.

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