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Sharp drop in second-hand car dealers turnover
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WASHINGTON "The recent market very quiet, individual dealers are not traded on a single down month," Recently, the reporter learned from the

used-car market in Fuzhou, Fuzhou, before the second-hand automobile market from the "light" to "deserted" and not least two

Trolley line down over half of turnover. The industry believes that hot auto market last year, demand for early release, squeeze sales this

year, and Recently the stock market downturn, shrinking the public purse strings, but also depressing consumption.

Dealers did not dare to look at cars, few cars collection

Second-hand car market reporter learned from Fuzhou, Recently, only a handful of guests to see the car, many dealers, the folks selling cars

than watching cars customers even more.

Second-hand car dealers, according to the letter Ziyang's Zheng Jingli real introduction, a number of small dealers trading only one or two

months, he traded his car dealers, leaving only ten months, while the usual average monthly turnover of more than twenty vehicles, " the

entire market turnover

Estimated to shrink over half. "

Another reporter learned from the market, the individual second-hand car dealers to pay nearly a month turnover a quiz. A second-hand car

dealers boss told reporters that cars sold, the store's inventory has increased, now closed car dealers dare not rashly, "

Back to, sell, financial pressure on the inside even more tangled. "

Currently, the used-car market is a good selling low-priced models, but the basic difficulty in marketing high-priced models. It is

understood that some of the recent increase in high-priced new car discount, second-hand car market has great influence. According to


New and used car prices are closely linked, preferential increase in new car market, used car followed the devaluation, price volatility

increases the risk of car dealers.

"Profit is very low, as long as no loss of basic to Bargain," and Zhengjing Li reluctantly told reporters, making too much money

Zhouzhuanbukai inventory, dealers pressure is relatively large.

However, some industry insiders believe that the automotive market slowed, a number of second-hand car dealers to sell low-cost working

capital, some consumers to buy second-hand car market can be contrarian scouring some of the high cost of the car.


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