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Fuzhou, the amount of automobile market drop in price was up
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WASHINGTON July, the Fuzhou automobile sales fell, the market "sound of a fall." Recently, the reporter learned that, with a lot of cars down

the prices low, Fuzhou's automobile market has been warmer, many 4S store sales rose significantly. Industry

People in that because the prices low, the economy to improve, energy car allowance policy stimulus, this year's "Golden September and silver

October," the traditional peak season worth the wait.

Energy-saving car sales rise

Yesterday, call 968 111 Fuzhou Huang told reporters that he has a joint venture in Fuzhou North Fourth 4S store of car buyers, the staff told

him that the current energy-saving car buyers can enjoy the benefits make up 3,000 yuan, but by the

In the tax problem and needs to deduct part of the tax, probably around 2,500 yuan can enjoy real benefits. Wong understand is, obviously is

3,000 yuan, 2,500 yuan how they became?

In this regard, the 4S shop staff explained that Mr. Huang did not consult the cars into the energy efficient cars directory, the 4S shop's

car concessions, a car take the initiative and profit sharing, and the actual discount is 2,500 yuan, Wong

Health and misunderstanding may be communication problems.

3,000 financial subsidies efficient cars in the market have a certain competitive edge. Therefore, automobile sales in recent months is not

the ideal background, did not enter the discount catalog model initiative "supplement benefits" phenomenon is not uncommon

. "Policy to guide the effect is very obvious." Energy conservation, a list of second batch of the joint venture vehicle 4S store marketing

manager, told reporters, increase incentives to enter the market acceptance of energy-saving directory and auto recognition

Relatively high, energy car sales have risen.

Drive used car prices

Off-season promotions, Fuzhou's automobile market has finally shown signs of recovery. "August sales recovery in second half, probably two or

three up than before into." A certain brand of car marketing manager, told reporters the market after a period of time

Downturn, we began to rebound.

Many auto 4S shop staff, said in July the market downturn, increase the amount of car dealers to take the discount price of many vehicles has

been reduced to historic lows, which is the main reason boost sales.

The industry believes that the economic side take a good, more confident consumer spending, which is a major cause of automobile market to

pick up. Meanwhile, Fuzhou "limited power limit friction," also spurred some demand.

In addition, the new car offers more, but to the used car prices, stimulating many consumers scouring car. Since mid-August, the volume of

second-hand car prices in Fuzhou. Ziyang real second-hand car market, Zheng Jingli letter said, according to previous

Experience, second-hand car in October into the peak season, prices will follow up, therefore, the recent price is right, the economy in the

low-priced models have higher turnover.

All the signs of recovery auto market, so many car dealers had swept away the worries of the market outlook, that this year's "Golden

September and silver October" season can be expected.

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