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Wide this blemish wagon flow enters Fuzhou two handcart market
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Since yesterday, recall part elegant cabinet, Odyssey mixes this Guangzhou cropland fly degree of car, the whole nation involves five hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred and six (detailed sees our newspaper 17 days 9 edition) . This is home since system of executive car recall, odd second recall amount is the largest. According to the pace is calculated first, of these recall wide this blemish car has 4000 about in Fuzhou, provincial have on 10 thousand.

According to Guangzhou this cropland Fuzhou agency introduces yesterday, include them inside, provincial agency already informed the car inside recall limits of the user with the means such as the phone in succession. Car principal and subordinate rises yesterday but nearby arrives wide this sale service inn changes freely spare parts of corresponding %26ldquo; problem %26rdquo; .
It is reported, this Guangzhou cropland is in provincial inn of service of sale of engage by special arrangement has 11, among them, blessing mansion each two, lion of fontal city urban district, Jin Jiang, stone each one, zhangzhou, Pu Tian, Long Yan and Na Ping each one.

An Benmin the relevant personage of inn of service of sale of engage by special arrangement tells a reporter, in the car inside this second recall limits, fuzhou two agency in recent years work off 559, but enter two handcart market as a result of partial car and flow to an other place, the Fuzhou car inside recall limits will have 4000 or so. And Xiamen also will have about 2000 to be inside this recall limits. Because each agency still awaits the number of recall car in statistic, provincial the car number that involves recall still did not decide. Nevertheless, provincial agency is forecasted, this complete province serves inn finally to change to the sale the car of spare parts will not issue 10 thousand.

Wide 3 kinds of cars of this recall

Arrived on January 7, 2003 during December 21, 2006 car of each elegant cabinet. These car aid force to turn to function of vitta material physics to drop, may quicken ageing, bring about vitta occurrence leakage. When the case is severe, the likelihood appears turn to steering force to increase, steering wheel is rotational and heavy.
Countermeasure: Change medicinal powder hot performance is better aid force to turn to vitta.

Arrived on Feburary 22, 2005 during Feburary 14, 2007 05 ~ of production 07 Odyssey car. These car are in use process, aid force to turn to pump bolt to may have gotten curve stress greatly and arise rupture, bring about leather belt to fall off then, cause dozen of direction to become heavy, engine cannot move normally.
Countermeasure: Will be in aid force to turn to pump to secure bolt to be in installation reinforcement.

Mixed to the elegant cabinet that produces during September 30, 2005, Odyssey on August 1, 2005 fly degree of car. These car as a result of fuel pump relay in-house likelihood has fluid sealant to flow into, place pestering a line is secured by fluid sealant, may cause oil pump to cannot offer oil normally, serious when the likelihood brings about engine flameout, cannot start again.
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