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Fuzhou is secondhand the car trades key of hopeful of price of service fee guida
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On January 24, violet in relief old motor vehicle trades the business inside the market door malcontent market control person promote two handcart to trade considerably the service is expended and collective closes after be related reports. The reporter understands yesterday, province prices branch is considering to publish relevant provision, trade to two handcart market the service collects fees undertake adjustment, the two handcart that the market pays close attention to quite trade key of hopeful of price of service fee guidance is low.

Last year on December 10, 3 Fuzhou is existing two handcart trade the market rose to trade jointly service fee. Collect fees after rising, of some car trade service fee differs to be achieved even 20 multiple. This action increased two handcart to manage door management cost, run a sale price that must raise two handcart, this affected the desire buying a car of consumer again, the market temporarily cold and cheerless is not little. Many two handcart are managed door think, 3 markets rise jointly trade the practice that serves cost, be suspected of forming the price affined, do not accord with a country relevant provision. And trade service fee rises bring about house of two handcart price not to fall high, go against the long-term development of two handcart market.

The reporter understands yesterday, trade to two handcart in the light of the market service fee collects fees exorbitant report, province prices bureau passes survey of a few months, managed to two handcart recently door extended " the Fujian Province is secondhand the car trades the market trades the service collects fees run temporary measure (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , the hope is listened to with all possible means opinion, come on stage as soon as possible " method " , promote me to save two handcart to trade with this market health develops in order, the standard trades the service collects fees behavior.

Prices of province prices bureau is in Chen Yifan section chief to tell a reporter, xiamen city already was moved at taking the lead in in the Fujian Province before a few months low two handcart trade the directive price that serves cost, next, complete province will pursue the policy that directive price reduces. Reduce two handcart to trade to Fuzhou the time that the service expends directive price, chen Yifan expresses to return bad to say, but he says, etc " the Fujian Province is secondhand the car trades the market trades the service collects fees run temporary measure " after coming on stage, may make the two handcart of Fuzhou trade service fee coachs price falls.

Many business door say, trade service fee coachs valence is reduced, be equal to market control square can the charge of collection placed a lower upper limit, this is opposite undoubtedly manage door, consumer and whole and secondhand the development of car market is advantageous.

As we have learned, the government sector still prepares to adopt a series of measure, make two handcart of our city trade the market strides fair competition gradually, civilian benefit civilian orbit. This year on Feburary 28, province prices bureau issues an announcement, agree with Fuzhou Chinese vessel two handcart appraisal evaluates limited company to be engaged in price of old motor vehicle evaluating professional work. This changed an our city to so only price of an old motor vehicle assesses the situation of the enterprise. Many two handcart operator express, after the pattern that breaks a monopoly, consumer and operator evaluate a course in the price in, can undertake comparative to two enterprises, it is better to choose a service will entrust evaluate.
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