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Fujian is secondhand the car trades service fee is reduced substantially
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Since 10 days, the Fujian Province is secondhand the car trades the service expends collection standard to %26ldquo; law %26rdquo; can be depended on! The reporter learns 10 days from province prices bureau, " the Fujian Province two handcart trade the service collects fees run temporary measure " carry out at rising 10 days. Of this method publish what will make I save two handcart market to trade behavior, collect fees the service has Zhang Ke follow more, conduce to alleviate Fujian is secondhand the car trades the contradiction that the market exists.

This is afterwards Department of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, industrial and commercial administration total bureau of Wu of total bureau, duty comes on stage " two handcart are current administrative measure " , " two handcart trade standard " after waiting for code, province prices bureau is aimed at the Fujian Province two handcart trade the actual condition that exists in the market, take the lead in drafting code of buying operation of a when come on stage two handcart inside countrywide limits.

" temporary measure " trade to two handcart the qualification that the market establishs and condition were made reiterate, trade to two handcart the market began content of the essential condition that the service collects fees, service to wait for strict regulation, measure of the administrative form to rate, government, declare a process, examine and approve means to wait give standard.

Henceforth, trade to two handcart service fee will execute a category to fix a price, province price is in charge of a branch to be in charge of making its rate and float range, new the two handcart that establish trade the market is begun trade serve and collection trades service fee, after should signing up for classics place to set region market price to case is in charge of sectional first trial and be in charge of sectional approve by province price, carry out; The two handcart in carrying out trade service fee must adjust a level, should shed a guild to collect omits a condition completely and be united by province goods and materials calculate, application offers after the balance, branch of province price officer will consider two handcart integratedly to trade whether is the element decision such as regulation of concerned policy of state of circumstance of market supply and demand, service, management cost, country and place adjusted and adjusted range.

According to introducing, with collect fees formerly photograph of project, rate is compared, new collect fees project, rate is collecting fees there is bigger change on means and rate. It is to collecting fees above all reform is implemented on means, the market when using fixed number of year and car to trade with car so new car price is a basis, adopt the class of classification, cent, norm that presses year of discount to collect fees method, adjust for the car kind according to capacity cent is 7 class, other means executes kind of category that car sets to the model is classified by the country norm collects fees. New collect fees means and collect fees formerly means photograph is compared, collect fees means is understood simply, rate be clear at a glance, ensured trade both sides can be consumed for nothing obviously. It is to lower rate next, will former top rate 5000 yuan, adjust reduce it is 1200 yuan; Lowermost rate by former every car reachs 600 yuan 180 yuan, reduce for every car 250 yuan, reduce scope about 45.9% . In the meantime, to prevent to trade each the market contends for passenger source, take the action that depress rate ill will competes, " temporary measure " formulary car kind trade collect fees every car lowest collects fees must not under 200 yuan. Meanwhile, because this rate falls,consider bigger, the part trades the pressure with market management constant presence, adopt allow highest rise the means of 10% , trade in order to reduce two handcart the management pressure of the market.
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