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Fujian is secondhand the car trades rate has change
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The reporter learns from concerned respect yesterday, I save what bigger dispute exists before prices branch already was aimed at this, namely automobile body length comes in 4 meters 3. 5 meters two handcart place trades correspondingly service rate (our newspaper ever made relevant report on August 1) made newest revise.
250 yuan rate place corresponding car is planted from %26ldquo; mini bus, automobile body grows 4 meters of the following %26rdquo; to build instead %26ldquo; mini bus, automobile body is chief 3. 5 meters reach the following %26rdquo; . In the meantime, the car of correspondence of place of 400 yuan of rate is planted %26ldquo; is small-sized the automobile body length that reachs station waggon %26rdquo; from %26ldquo; 4 meters - %26ldquo; of instead of 6 meters of %26rdquo; 3. 5 meters of above come 6 meters of %26rdquo; , other model classification and of all kinds rate are fixed. Car height will be in henceforth 3. 5 meters to 4 meters of passenger cars between the controversy of nonexistent rate.

The personage expresses related province prices branch, make because the rate subordinate list before this is proofreaded,be being revised so is have by accident, correct hereby. Correct be carried out since August 20, 2007 oneself. Already dealt with before August 15 trade to still be carried out of formalities by standard of former model classification.

But reporter yesterday visits market of violet this world, Asia-Pacific to understand, many cars advocate peace two handcart are managed door think, current secondhand car rate still has the place that deserves deliberate. A lot of management door point out, model of market load car is changing all the time actually, automobile body is chief 3. 5 meters of the following models already were the model before early, this kinds of car already exited two handcart circulation market basically, make rate appear with this the sense is not great.

Fuzhou car advocate Mr Li expresses, at present car vehicle is in the cost rate collate and stipulate of business of motor-driven car insurance, all the time since it is according to its seating is classified, generally speaking, the passenger car of congener use property, its seating is more, premium rate is higher also.

Mr Li thinks, trade in two handcart in, for the change of automobile body length that often causes relative to the model of ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, make rate be worth reference with fixedder seating.

To this, the personage expresses related province prices branch, trade considering two handcart final it is in the policeman the branch deals with change the name of owner in a register, because this trades at present of relevant fare level make those who consult is the Ministry of Public Security applied on July 1, 2004 " motor vehicle registers working standard " , this standard is cent of car carrying a passenger large, medium-sized, small-sized with miniature 4 kinds, its advocate parameter is the car grows, second parameter just is seating.
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