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Fujian is secondhand the car trades service rate becomes a mere scrap of paper
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Dispatch of Fuzhou news network this month 10 days, " the Fujian Province is secondhand the car trades the service collects fees run temporary measure " begin to carry out, rate is reduced considerably, the market applauds one piece sound. But many two handcart were managed recently door call hot line of our newspaper party newspaper 83751111 report, " temporary measure " after carrying out, new rate was not carried out reach the designated position.

Manage door: Old car market closes more trade service fee

Recently, two handcart manage Mr Huang to trade in violet in relief old motor vehicle when the market deals with the formalities of change the name of owner in a register of a small-sized passenger car, by collection 440 yuan trade service fee. The course inquires new rate, the two handcart that Mr Huang discovers similar car trade service fee wants 250 yuan only.

Mr Huang showed two handcart to trade to the reporter of the bill that serves cost and work off car " motor vehicle registers certificate " . This already the coach of work off is 3.721 meters head, according to new rate, car vehicle height is in 4 meters the following, two handcart trade service fee is 250 yuan, highest allow rise 10% . %26ldquo; calculates rise 10% , also can receive 275 yuan only at most, dan Ziyang old motor vehicle trades the market closes me however 440 yuan, this also exceeds too much. Mr %26rdquo; Mr Huang says, such collecting fees the relevant provision that does not accord with province prices bureau apparently, " is the Fujian Province secondhand does the car trade does the service collect fees run temporary measure " be to make a mere scrap of paper?

Doubt: Does old car market establish rate additionally together?

%26ldquo; after actually new rate comes out, a few old cars trade the market was not carried out completely all the time. %26rdquo; is interviewed in, two handcart manage Mr Lin to tell a reporter, in our city channel, violet this world, inferior peaceful 3 old cars trade the market, the two handcart of collection trade service fee, compare formulary level tower above many.

Mr Lin takes out a few pieces to trade service fee collects fees bill, he says the light van total mass of work off is 1.425 tons, according to new rate, want to hand in 250 yuan only. But work off of his near future a few congener cars, trade in the old car such as channel and violet this world the market is to hand in 495 yuan. Such %26ldquo; rate, it is 3 old cars trade actually the market orders under the counter. Mr %26rdquo; Mr Lin says, 3 markets return each other to send personnel to supervise whether to collect fees according to conventional standard.

%26ldquo; is done so, it is price alliance, offend a country apparently relevant provision, and the health that also goes against two handcart market develops. Many two handcart manage %26rdquo; door think, last shift goes to the charge of much collection manage door go up with consumer body, meet only so block up is secondhand the development of car market.
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