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This Guangzhou cropland - elegant cabinet - two handcart of 2.3VTi_L are detaile
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Fujian / the Fuzhou City Secondhand this Guangzhou cropland - elegant cabinet - 2.3VTi_L 90 thousand yuan, travel course of development: 810 thousand kilometers of.10, go up card date: 2000-11, car condition blame is taken the advantage of, it is 2.3 automatic belts of scuttle, car ability fact runs 8 kilometers, how to leave, do not have any accidents, the car is to have look have satisfaction, after the price sees a car but consultative, those who have need make an appointment ahead of schedule. . .
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Fujian / this cropland of Guangzhou of the Fuzhou City - elegant cabinet - 2.3VTi_L clicks enlarge

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