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Fox Guangzhou lasts privilege 10 thousand
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The author from Guangzhou the 100 trade of Guangzhou of 2 class agency that take steam understand, enter Fox is maintaining 9000-10800 all the time in this inn after March yuan privilege, and in 4S inn only privilege is controlled 5000 yuan, the friend that have fun at can be taken the advantage of move now.

Chang'an Ford Directive price/10 thousand Preferential price/10 thousand Favourable extent/10 thousand Supply of goods/Color
Both sides of 07 Fox 1.8MT classics is typical 12.38 11.30 1.08 Enough / all ready
1.8AT/MT vogue 13.98 13.08 0.9
2.0MT motile 14.78 13.78 1
07 Fox 3 compartment 1.8MT is classical 12.38 11.38 1
1.8AT/MT vogue 13.98 13.08 0.9
2.0AT/MT is luxurious 15.38 14.48 0.9

Fox 3 compartment model appeared on the market in September 2005, last with steady retail prices continuously firstly sell like hot cakes, the be among the best of candidates in scale model sales volume is the same as in home. And began to be disentombed in home in both sides car huge market while, both sides Fox [quote picture] go up at was being exhibited in Guangzhou car in July 2006 namely roll out, drive 3 compartment Fox [quote picture] create sale height in the market again.

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