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Special offer of routing of King Kong brilliant forty-nine thousand eight hundre
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The author draws a storehouse from Shenzhen auspicious specialize in inn to understand, this inn rolled out brilliant routing King Kong recently, now with indulgence price forty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan undertake selling. This inn has the routing of King Kong brilliant of certain amount to show a car to be able to supply the market now. And King Kong other still keeps original price each, the detail seeks advice from picture storehouse please auspicious inn.

King Kong Directive price Show price Depreciate extent Show vehicle case Color information
Basic model Fifty-two thousand eight hundred Forty-nine thousand eight hundred 3000 A few Argent
Standard type Fifty-five thousand eight hundred Fifty-five thousand eight hundred / A few Argent
Scuttle edition Sixty thousand eight hundred Sixty thousand eight hundred / A few Argent
Comfortable model Sixty thousand eight hundred Sixty thousand eight hundred / A few Argent
Brilliant routing Forty-nine thousand eight hundred / Certain amount All ready

Car picture

Style of appearance of King Kong of 1.5L brilliant routing is concise and relaxed, use as synchronous as modern building craft " project sculpture is aesthetic " gimmick, innovation goes to get model for the brilliant of main shaft with diamond section crest line. Interior trim do manual work is better than early days product, the stage accuses to stick a face with grain of wood of dark lubricious peach in, feeling giving a person is more high-grade, the accretion that window of lock, dynamoelectric door and dynamoelectric rearview mirror accuse in the electron also raised the convenient sex with the car. Empty v a place with a draught drew lessons from Ma Zida of 6 rotate reach press type, special human nature is changed, use very convenient. The design that the station controls in acoustics is one great success, compositive reception of a radio, CD is broadcasted and MP3 broadcasts 3 main functions, very intuitionistic and use easily. Dynamical respect, 93.8 output horsepower, the output torque that is as high as 131N/m to self-prossessed only 1 ton bit more compact model for the car very enough with. And 5 standards safety belt, explosion proof prevents leakage project gasoline tank, can;burst;ulcerate;fester shrink suck can 4 type direction column, complex formula are prevented bump into the multinomial science and technology such as girder the application that safety provides, promoted drive a vehicle security greatly.
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