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Day is produced and Kelaisile produces each other the car for the other side
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Xinhua net Beijing day produced special telegram on April 15 Motor Corporation 14 days announce formally, a when it produces acting work Kelaisile to design brand-new the small car that discharge an amount, and skin of a when the other side produces manufacturing day the design full measure gets stuck.

According to associated press report, the small car discharging an amount that day produces will be chased after in Japan bank factory production, predict to began to be sold in global market 2010. The card of full measure skin that basically faces North America market will be in the factory that Mexican Sa Erdi makes an appointment with to produce by Kelaisile, predict to appeared on the market 2011.

Dominick Suoman shows the vice president that day produces North America company to be in charge of finance affairs and civil service, day produces skin of existing full measure to block Tai Tan to will continue to be sold in the market, appear on the market till new fund car. The close cc that he reiterates manufacturing peaceful calm pauses than state bank the plant won't cut down the member of persons employed accordingly.

Kelaisile's president holds vice-chairman Tom Lasuoda concurrently to also be in a relevant statement express: "Build proper strategical the success with cooperative long-term to Kelaisile relationship is crucial. "Build proper strategical the success with cooperative long-term to Kelaisile relationship is crucial..

Lasuoda expresses at the same time, with what day produces this trades won't affect strange luck of Kelaisile and China Motor Corporation is undertaking negotiating mediumly. Both sides is being discussed spread out collaboration, you Jirui produces exit to come for Kelaisile the small quantity car of the United States and Western Europe market.

Because oil price is rising, many American consumer begin to be far from the big Pi Ka that discharge an amount and SUV, bring about Kelaisile in recent years outstanding achievement glides. Kelaisile is badly in need of rolling out a new small platoon to measure a car at present, in order to change the current situation with depressed sale. And day is produced also can carry agreement of this one cooperation, do big its are mixed in the car of North America motor plaza.

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