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The law of traffic accident damages learns
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Oneself are the lawyer of the company, before paragraph time should the demand that the company leads, did for company staff " person damages guideline " . And damages of traffic accident person is among them a main part, basically included the square respect range of person damages, have representative. Because the car is very easy,occurrence traffic accident reachs his to compensate for, the partial content hair that reason writes me comes out, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody, when seeking advice from a lawyer to perhaps be compensated for again unapt be deceived. Lie as a result of oneself Anhui, cited so the code of a lot of Anhui, according to everybody different area of the netizen needs, still need to inquire the code of each province sometimes.

One, the type of person tort damages
Person tort damages includes damages of average person tort and damages of special person tort. Of damages of average person tort establish 4 when should have tort to form important document to damage fact, illegal behavior namely, damage fact and the causal, subjective fault between illegal behavior. Of damages of special person tort hold water to need to have 3 important document to damage fact, illegal behavior namely only, damage fact and between illegal behavior causal, as to behavior person subjective go up to whether fault criterion pays no attention to in place illative perhaps its are subjective on have fault. Special person damages basically has the following kinds: National office or its staff member are damaged to the person, high danger works to be damaged to the person, product blemish is damaged to the person, environmental pollution is damaged to the person, the animal is damaged to the person, subterranean construction is damaged to the person, damage to the person without person of civil action competence, employ person comes.
2, the flow of claim for compensation of person tort damages
(the picture that I make, do not send. Depressed)
3, average person damages an accident to compensate for medium compensation

1, damage uses a type:
The victim suffers person to damage, because of,in order to is reached income of reductive of delay one's work, include medical treatment cost of cost, delay one's work, nurse the nutrient cost with accessorial cost, necessary food of cost, transportation expenses, accommodation cost, be in hospital, compensatory obligor ought to give compensation.
Because the victim hurts those who cause damage, because its increase the need on the life the essential charge of place defray and the income that because lose labor ability to guide,send loss, include assistor of disability compensation, deformity to have cost, be lived to expend by bring up life, and because rehabilitation nurses, continue to treat the necessary rehabilitation that happens actually cost, nurse cost, follow-up cure cost, compensatory obligor also ought to give compensation.
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