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Illicit home car is cast conserve strategy
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Arrived again the fastigium that holiday buys a car, insurance goes up to the car after buying a car, also be the obligatory course that has car gens newly, cast to the car protect look be like simple, also have knowledge greatly actually, here introduces a few device to you, shun get half the result with twice the effort.

What affect car danger insurance cost at present is main have 4 big factors:

It is to drive record. In the past whether do you have inside 3 years violate compasses drive or go 5 years inside blamable drive those who decide you record grade. Anyhow drives carefully, eat less request a ticket, without the accident, your insurance cost can be reduced. In the meantime, drive the person's age, whether the element that novice and car often drive by one person or two people drive also is influence insurance cost.

2 it is car model. As we have learned, at present each insurance company has different risk numerical value to the car of different model a particular year. In a word, taller or car value is more popular, insurance cost also goes tall accordingly.

3 it is driver's compartment region. Two same illicit home cars are mixed in urban travel often far road travel, insurance cost also can differ. Not only such, some insurance company are in when determining insurance cost, can be in your Che Bo from communal parking lot of door mouth garage or underground to consider inside even.

4 it is whether successive suffer protect. If have reasonable reason, if be away on official business to the other place, travel 3 two months, meantime does not use car, insurance company majority can agree to be sure your car to stop temporarily, after waiting for you to come back, restore to be sure by original price again. But if do not have sufficient reason, the purpose that they may think you have hidden should stop to be sure, the meeting when restoring again comes to you consider as new client, normally this is meant increase insurance cost.

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