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Car danger hides " feline be bored with " be careful 6 big trap
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Trap 5: Build carry out danger to plant forcibly. In current car danger sort, "Danger of responsibility of a third party " it is a car advocate must buy, the danger such as car caustic danger and danger of guard against theft is planted is to be able to offer the danger of the choice to plant, but trade in a lot of cars the market binds danger of responsibility danger, guard against theft and car caustic danger rise to be sold as with average.

Trap 6: Revulsive cast above quota protect or repeat cast protect. Chamber of commerce of distribute of a few cars is revulsive car advocate cast above quota protect or repeat cast protect expend with earning a representative more. Actually, more or less is insurance company compensate decided according to the actual condition of car be or get out of danger completely, because be protected so that get with respect to compensate more,do not meet much.

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