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Car danger hides " feline be bored with " be careful 6 big trap
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Car danger hides " feline be bored with " be careful 6 big trap

Since rate of car danger cost is commercialized, company of risk of each family property to contend for a client, roll out personalized car danger in succession, some was used a few " special " method, make this answering " safe " trap of car danger market is more. The reporter was collected the following 6 big trap, in order to make caution.

Trap one: Guarantee slip mix the false with the genuine. A few " false representative " use guarantee slip and bill look suddenly, with as good as of normal insurance company. Accordingly, want to check seriously when taking insurance policy testimony, card reading sheet triplex whether to use white to be printed without carbolic carbon, add Yin Jianhe color to prevent bogus ground lines, whether does its top left corner imprint have " China is sure to supervise administrative committee supervise the manufacture of " model of written characters, whether does top right corner imprint have " be restricted to be saved in × × (city, municipality) sale " model of written characters. If do not have, should reject to sign.

Trap 2: Misdirect car advocate cast protect. Passenger danger, glass is broken cutoff of thing of danger, car loss danger advocate personal interest, car advocate be willing to buy, but use of the spontaneous combustion danger of new car, goods danger of illicit home car, battalion lies at anchor sail loss danger need not be bought. But or does not give some car danger agent the car advocate the explanation is clear, or misdirect car advocate into protect, make a few cars that do not have experience advocate bought the insurance that ought not to be bought or need not buy.

Trap 3: Oneself decide caustic to build a car. Some are the member that the car danger of insurance company decides caustic apparently, it is the boss of the garage however stealthily, oneself decide him caustic to repair, this is current the path of a few unripe money of the member that decide caustic in the market. As we have learned, insurance director branch makes clear a regulation, do not allow mandatory appoint accident car to maintain a dot.

Trap 4: Acting personnel " buckle sheet " . Cast the insurance company place that the country should choose to approve when protecting to belong to an orgnaization to cast protect, and cannot look for orgnaization of an insurance representative to cast casually protect. Agent of a few insurance or " false representative " after pulling guarantee slip, do not give directly insurance company, however " wait for one's chance and move " . If car advocate not be or get out of danger, insurance cost is buckled with respect to oneself fell. If car advocate went out danger, small him risk draws out money compensate to pay finish sth; Big risk criterion try every means cheats a company, went even.
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