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The expert reminds: Car danger falls in a lot of circumstances cannot compensate
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3 person cannot keep oneself person nearly

Every time when traffic accident happens, car advocate often can think of manage to insurance company compensate. Actually otherwise, some circumstances, you cast even if to protect also cannot get compensatory. Today, we are engaged in compensate of car danger manage please 10 old Mr Zhou gentlemen will do a few case to unscramble.

Danger of responsibility of a third party does not keep oneself person

Case: Ms. Zhang drives come home, when getting on for him door mouth, the car voice that the son hears mom gallops come over to receive, as a result Ms. Zhang contuses him son carelessly, spent cost of tens of thousands of yuan of cure.

Ms. Zhang thinks, on oneself car danger of responsibility of a third party, should can get compensatory, then, she is claimed to insurance company after the accident, the result suffers rejecting claims.

Professional personage reminds: In danger of responsibility of a third party " a third party " , common ground is told, eliminate 4 kinds of people, namely the domestic member of the driver when this underwriter, insurant, car happening accident and its family member, insurant. When a third party points to an accident to happen commonly, cause the person of the other side that harm or damages or thing.

Report a case to the security authorities overtime cannot claim for compensation

Case: Lorry of a skin is in Hangzhou some hospital doorway turns around when turning, a pedestrian walks over, trip bumped to be in the ground on the viewfinder of leather lorry. Because feel the case is not severe at that time, both sides did not report a case to the security authorities, driver privately gave her 300 yuan of money, calculate finish.

Result, that day in the evening, massive haemorrhage of occurrence private parts of woman be bumpinged into -- not long ago of the person that hurt just became operation of stream of people. Because of be in a bad way, undertook hysterectomy, cause medical expenses of a huge sum. Family member of the person that hurt finds a vehicle advocate claim for compensation, car advocate just think of to report a case to the security authorities to insurance company, result insurance company rejects manage compensate.

Professional personage reminds: According to car danger contract, after accident happening, answer to hand in tubal branch in time to report a case to the security authorities to public security, report a case to the security authorities in 48 hours of indrawn insurance company. Because report a case to the security authorities not in time, bring about insurance company to cannot be maintained to the insurance liability of the accident or loss, insurance company has authority to reject to recoup accident loss. In the meantime, the car basically is sure to keep in mind, when the car hits a car if the circumstance is not very serious and OK at that time,choose compounding, but below the circumstance that strikes a person in the car, no matter how the circumstance wants choice and times record at that time, absolutely cannot compounding.
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