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Car advocate listen to good car to be bumped into but claim for compensation
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The lawyer thinks " car devalues cost " claim for compensation is reasonable and lawful

After the car has been bumped into, the price when be being sold as two handcart can sell at a discount, cause car to devalue namely. If your car is bumped into, are you met to claim for compensation of the other side " does car devalue cost " ? Recently, because of traffic the accident causes one " car devalues cost " lawsuit of claim for compensation is adjudged in Tianjin, cause trouble just must recoup this cost. This matter causes wide attention inside course of study, this is meant, when producing two cars or the traffic accident of many car barge against, when seek redress of thing Fang Youquan " car devalues cost " , and such a kind add compensatory act newly, will be opposite car advocate the life using a car henceforth produces major effect.

Incident is answered put

Car advocate successful claim for compensation " car devalues cost "

This year in Feburary, tianjin. The Liang Mou that driving car of a Xiali sails carelessly into converse driveway, a when drive with Liu Mou power barge against of Le Ying face. After policeman branch undertakes reconnaissance to the accident, speeding of cognizance Liang Mou and sail retrograde motion, must suffer an accident total liability. Because both sides compensates for a problem to cannot be reached,agree, liu Mou tells Liang Mou the court then.

Original, this is common traffic accident. One party in full charge, cast the insurance company that protect to make by its give priority to manage compensate square, to relevant medical treatment cost and its upkeep undertake compensatory. But Liu Mou is expended besides upkeep of cost of seek redress medical treatment, car, trailer outside waiting for charge, still put forward a kind of new compensation to ask, namely " car devalues cost " . This compensation asks to make problem at a draught complex rise. Liu Mou thinks this his lawsuit requests fair and reasonable, because his new car for no reason is bumped into, even if is foster cordial relations between countries, fittings assures former outfit impossibly also, inevitable meeting causes car value to derogate. Via two handcart appraisal evaluates a company after, liu Mou of this car devalue cost is 10700 yuan. And letting what when thing beam some wants to be less than is, the court adjudicates the lawsuit that supported Liu Mou, make him additional compensate for this " car devalues cost " .

Actually, in recent years each district already appeared in succession similar lawsuit. The huge rock that I saved last year installs prefectural people court to ever had adjudicated one case " car devalues cost " lawsuit of claim for compensation. Person renting a car drives produce traffic accident, the car basically begs person renting a car to compensate for car to devalue cost, final court backed a car advocate request of this one lawsuit. And last year in March, hangzhou the Sangdana that the acute annals car that Mr Zhu drives and square gentleman drive 2000 hit a car, injury of acute annals car is serious, the accident holds square gentleman in full charge. Mr Zhu Xiang Fangxian gives birth to after the event claim for compensation " car devalues cost " litigate finally, as a result of a variety of reasons Mr Zhu nolles prosequi after.
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