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Make clear disclaimer avoids car risk rejecting claims enlarges a loss not compe
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Case: Mr Liu goes out of the car in road avoid shake system is damaged, mr Liu reports a case to the security authorities to insurance company immediately, got firm response. But Mr Liu did not repair car immediately at that time, it is OK that he feels the car is returned travel, to do not affect the scheduling that go out, continue travel, preparation after doing a thing, repair all right again. Send car when Mr Liu unexpectedly when repairing, continue below the circumstance that repairs personnel to because car is avoiding shake damages,tell him however travel, caused the damage of car other component, this repaired charge at a draught tower above a lot of. The insurance company when manage compensate tells him, they are in charge of this kind of circumstance only manage compensate avoids shake, to other component repair charge they are not of compensate.
The expert unscrambles: Clauses regulation, after sufferring a loss, without necessary repair continue to use insurance car, cause a loss to enlarge partial insurance company not to grant to compensate for, insurance company is opposite reason the car of Mr Liu besides avoid the other loss beyond shake does not grant to compensate for. After car be or get out of danger, should take corresponding step or repair in time, cannot think anyway metropolis compensate pays insurance company, continue then travel.
The expert reminds: Everybody drives the person is not familiar with car construction case to fall, hair unripe postaccident does not continue to use or do sth without authorization moves car, should notice to protect the spot, call the police in time and contact with insurance company, lest starts car to cause a loss because of do sth without authorization, insurance company does not grant to compensate for.

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