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Beware use low insurance cost to entice a car advocate insurance intermediary co
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On October 18, 2007

Origin: Capital times

Because traffic is compulsive 3 person danger (the following abbreviation " make strong narrow pass " ) carry out, company of intermediary of a few insurance appeared to use low insurance cost to attract a car on the market at present advocate, cheating get a car advocate next sheet shift to an earlier date through making strong risk system after Id number, the behavior of final loot client. Not long ago, car advocate Mr Yang experienced whole process personally.

Intermediary is leading role

"(safe) intermediary company is real too beyond the mark. " a few weeks of before experience since memory, mr Yang still is be indignant. He expresses, insurance intermediary company has the system that he matures one set in loot client respect, if understand knowledge of car danger, law not quite, can hold the post of intermediary company to order about only.

According to Mr Yang memory, his car danger is expired on October 8 this year, because National Day grows false reason, he must buy Che Xiancai to be not sent before September 30 expire. Be in whole in September, mr Yang receives the telephone call of insurance clerk ceaselessly, promote the car danger of respective insurance company, basic everyday similar telephone call is in ten, 20 or so, make Mr Yang irritated deeply irritated.

Final, an insurance intermediary clerk caused the attention of Mr Yang. This clerk says, the company that he is in is Inc. of insurance of Chinese people property (the following abbreviation " middleman and guarantor " ) one class acts as agent, and be in through him new the insurance company that establish buys car a place difficult of access (make strong danger and commercial narrow pass) need 4900 yuan only / year. And before the car danger charge of Mr Yang is done not have under 5000 yuan / year, and he still had given a few second a place difficult of access last year, because this insurance cost should be returned,meet somewhat rise. Stem from the curiosity of price of danger of small to such exceeding car, mr Yang asks the other side comes out newspaper of specific insurance cost detail. The other side says to want to calculate specific charge to need to offer a car advocate Id number, then Mr Yang did not guard against the Id number that the ground provided him.

Very fast in a few minutes, this clerk says to Mr Yang wire back, the car that just a moment ago knew Mr Yang through examining a data had given 3 second a place difficult of access last year, accordingly most 4900 yuan when begin a newspaper to go out / year cannot come true, the quote of fully comprehensive insurance raised 5800 yuan now / year. This raised nearly 1000 yuan on original basis almost, accordingly Mr Yang cannot accept such price and refused. This clerk enquires he plans to buy car a place difficult of access in which insurance company immediately, mr Yang blurt out expresses to plan to be cast in Pacific Ocean insurance company protect.
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