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● makes strong narrow pass

Recommend an index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★ (must buy)

It is to show to be being produced by safety motor-car by insurance company road transportation accident makes loss of the person casualties of the victim beyond cost car personnel, insurant, belongings, give inside liability limit of compensation mandatory responsibility is safe. Accident of motor vehicle traffic is compulsive limit of responsibility danger liability 60 thousand yuan in the center, included death to disable compensate for 50 thousand yuan, medical treatment charge compensates for 8000 yuan, belongings loss compensates for 2000 yuan. And insurant is unaccountable in traffic accident, maximum indemnity norm parts according to above the 20% computation of 3 limitation.

◆ blame plants compulsively nearly:

Danger of ● car loss

Recommend an index: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★ (choose and buy)

The car oneself loss that because natural disaster or contingency are caused,is in charge of compensation. This is the main risk in car insurance is planted. If do not protect this danger to plant, after car hits repair cost insurance company is not in charge of compensating for, get entirely by him dig down, the old car that for instance wall bulletin abolishs, it is very cheap to repair cost, oneself repaired crack up hind to also do not spend how many money. Those who need an attention is, the compensate of car caustic pays top limit is you to cast keep amount, car current value is inferior that, in other words, although you undertake casting protecting according to 200 thousand higher even amount, floriferous money is complete Bai Hua.

Danger of responsibility of ● a third party

Recommend an index: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★ (choose and buy)

Because make strong narrow pass only limitation 60 thousand yuan, accordingly, everybody needs to consider to buy business 3 person danger. Spend as to the forehead, can judge according to oneself circumstance, main factor still is the competence that he drives, if drive seasoned, can consider to be bought less do not buy even, but the car that just obtained a driver's license to great majority is friendly, the commerce that suggests to buy certain specified amount to spend 3 person danger.

Rush to deal with an emergency of pilfer of ● whole vehicle

Recommend an index: ★ ☆ (choose and buy)

Whole vehicle loses ability meeting compensate pays, the component on the car is lost is not of compensate, for instance before period of time, car friend says spare wheel was lost, besides blame a thief too firm one outside, do not have other measure. Of course, no matter the other property inside the car when car is missing is much more precious, also calculate lose in vain. If you jockey the position is more reliable, go to work have unit parking lot, xiaoou coming home jockeys very reliable also, can consider not to buy this a place difficult of access so. Conversely, the proposal buys pilfer rush to deal with an emergency.
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