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Of elite right definitely SLS 3.6 of Cadillac of BMW 530Li VS
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Do not know to whether return somebody to remember becoming BMW 530i He Kaidi draws picture of gram CTS[quote first] the 3.6 summit summits between are right definitely, it is too much and worth while that two luxurious cars that deduce personalized consumer deduce personalized consumer acme once stayed to the person that likes to drive the wonderful part of the aftertaste. But very fast, china morning BMW and Shanghai connected intention to know the existence of the problem, although these two cars are enough on character outstanding and there is no lack of again embrace wholesale, but in the market after all very difficult predominate, because be on market of 600 thousand yuan of luxurious cars of domestic, too much consumer pays attention to backlash comfortable sex, then BMW 530i became 530Li, kaidilake CTS was to become SLS more, they also are I try the leading role that draws contrast this.

The netizen asks BMW on forum 530 He Kaidi pulls gram SLS, to 40 right-and-left men which is better? Actually, choose BMW or Kaidilake's person, they should be the person that style star, lawyer waits for good-paying, or boss of illicit look forward to, they do not need to be gone to be restricted regularly by those, do not need to take care of such and such comment, they value a brand only, then BMW He Kaidi pulls a gram, at present the delegate of market of domestic luxurious car goes these two to them before.

Car picture

BMW 530Li

Car picture

Kaidilake SLS3.6

Market performance: 5 departments [quote picture] Li banner SLS

Evade none say, trying in driving Kaidilake a few days of SLS, I get the look that passerby admires via regular meeting, and open 530Li to come home, won't be planted by this courteous reception, because of BMW already too too common, the 7 departments that often appear on the ave [quote picture] can't attract turn round to lead, it is an a lot of cheaper 5 departments what is more,the rather that more [quote picture] .

The envy of Everyman is one and the same, moneybags people the choice is one and the same, this year first half of the year, the sales volume of 5 departments exceeds 8350, and whole Kaidilake the brand is not worth 3300 nevertheless in Chinese sales volume, two cars who more suffer bestow favor on self-evident also, to Kaidilake, face a very awkward problem it seems that, favor to it the Everyman that has fine is consumed feebly, and capable to buy convert BMW to perhaps run quickly again however, this is the bottleneck that Kaidilake is badly in need of solving. Say again some more directly, the marriage car team that although we often can see lengthen in street,Kaidilake takes the lead, but sit in the new personality inside 10 have 89 is Everyman, become Kaidilake's customer very hard, the sort of situation that this also created my above paragraphs to mention.
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